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Budget Fashion: 5 Ways to get the Classy & Sassy Look for Less

1. Well fitted outfit suits you more- There's a huge difference of wearing well fitted outfit. When you have outfits that fits you, you look more classy and sassy. A quick tuck in can make your ordinary outfit look custom-made. 



"A well fitted outfit will make you standout since it highlights all of your fine features."


2. White Shirt with Blazer Jacket Outfit- A white shirts works for any casual outfits, can instantly look professional. Tuck ins instantly make an outfit look classy and sassy. A nice blazer jacket makes instantly expensive look. Blazers add a classy and casual look to any outfit you wear. I suggest a black jacket to blend any insider colors you would like to wear.


3. Pointed Heels- Pointed pumps instantly look more expensive. They considered as wardrobe essentials. Black, peach or nude are very popular colors to fit in your over all outfit. 



4. Classy and Sassy Lip Color- Most likely lip color that can look more expensive are red or peach pink. Red is a classy color that can blend  with black and white outfit. I, personal wear a red or darker red lip color for my office look. I feel like I'm more sexy and bold with darker red lip color. 


5. Match up with a Bag- For a classy and sassy finished look, always carry a hand bag. Your total outfit isn't look more expensive when you don't have a bag to carry. We should admit, almost women considered the bags as wardrobe top one essentials. And I considered it as my "bread and butter". Honestly, I cant go out anywhere without carrying a bag. 

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