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Depression can affect a person’s life in numerous ways and varies from person to person in terms of severity and impact on their life, but can depression cause your hair to fall out?

Some anti-depressant medication, such as Prozac, can cause thinning hair as a side-effect. Thinning hair also frequently has a negative effect on mood. People with thinning hair may experience damage to their self-esteem; feel less physically attractive or less sexually desirable; or feel confronted by the body’s ageing process, over which they may feel they have little control. All this can contribute to low mood, anxiety, and worry.

Hair loss can be a factor in these symptoms – it can give people suffering from clinical depression a ‘focus’ for their negative feelings. People suffering from depression are in emotional pain but frequently feel powerless to change the way they feel. They may even deny these feelings or feel guilty about them; as if, especially when hair loss is the cause, they ‘shouldn’t’ feel bad.

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Positive improvement

As for hair loss, this too can be treated proactively. Whether hair loss is caused by depression, or contributing to it, a specialist hair clinic in combination with emotional support can quickly put your head in a better place.

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