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How to Use Wig Grip by Sassychick

Wig grips can be utilized to more comfortably secure your wig! Feel the velvet to figure out which side ought to look up. You'll want the surged edge in the back, with the grain of the velvet going forward on top.

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If you have long or thick hair, wear a wig cap or pin your hair up first. Secure the wig grasp around your hairline, affixing the velcro toward the back. 

Put on your wig, making sure to cover the wig grip. For specialty wigs , we still used the included combs attached to the front, and one bobby pin behind each ear to cover the wig grip. The number of pins needed might vary depending on head size or style used. 

It's that simple! Without the wig grip, we would have likely required much more pins to keep a particularly back-substantial style set up. 


Ladies wear wigs for various reasons.

You may have chosen to wear a a wig as a consequence of a medical condition, or due to medical treatment. Or, you may simply need to look astounding. Either way, it’s important to know how to secure a wig on your head effectively, especially when the winds pick up! 

Seeing how to get a wig to remain on your head comfortably and safely can feel overpowering as there's so numerous wigs styles and wig accessories out there to try. 

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