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Ready To Wear Hair




Ready To Wear Hair Weaves

When it comes to switching between different hairstyles and colors, hair extensions and wigs are two of your best options. However, finding the right hair weave alternative is a deeper process which we all are trying to ace.

Your hair is your crowning glory and you have every right to make it lustrous, glamorous, voluminous, thick, straight, or curly. Wigs or hair extensions are one way to make the hair improvements you have been longing for.

Best ready-to-wear hair weave alternatives for a quick glam
With several substitutions for sew-in hair weaves, we have hand-picked the following:
Lace frontal wigs
Nowadays, most wearers prefer lace frontal because the stylists sew the synthetic or human hair to a light piece of lace. Therefore, the end result on the head is a natural-looking hairline. However, some lace frontal wigs have baby hair to depict that natural hair are growing out of your scalp.

While most lace frontal wigs do not require glue, you would have to glue others just above your hairline.

That being said, lace frontal hair extension is an expensive alternative to hair weave. Therefore, we look it at as more of a long-term investment.

Body Wave Bundles
The name bundles suggest a bunch of hair that is used to make wigs or weaves. Body wave bundles are usually made of virgin or human hair. The hair is mostly donated by people. The hairstylists normally sew them into a weft, just like a transparent lace wig.

You can purchase bundles in a wide variety of curl patterns, styles, different colors, straight hair, and textures. For instance, you can easily find the Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian styles in body wave bundles. As women across the globe donate their hair, the texture and color selection are huge.

Hair closure
Wearing a frontal or closure is one of the best alternatives to wear a sew-in hair weave. A closure is a small unit that is placed at the top of your hair, usually to add volume or to finish a style.

They are manufactured with silk or lace. However, they have a partition in the middle to give a natural look and to mimic your natural scalp.
Many hairstylists make hair closures on their own using bundles to sell separately.

Hair Frontal
A frontal is larger than a hair closure. A typical hair closure is 4 to 5 inches wide, however, you have to wear a frontal from ear to ear. As compared to closures, they are expensive because they give off a natural look.
But it takes time to install a frontal because you either have to glue it or pluck it above your hairline.

Virgin hair
When talking about bundles and hair closures, many hairstylists mention virgin hair. Virgin hair extensions are not chemically treated, dyed, or processed. It is considered costly yet one of the best options because you can cut, dye, or heat-style it however you want it.

With all the options available, you can choose the best for your scalp and rock in your style, color, and texture.

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