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Tips & Tricks To Start On an Intermittent Fasting Schedule

Intermittent fasting (IF) has been around for a brief time . It took a huge leap in popularity back in 2013 with “The 8-Hour Diet” by David Zinczenko and Peter Moore.

Zinczenko and Moore claimed that eating all of your daily food within an 8-hour period would end in dramatic weight loss.

Soon enough, celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman, Miranda Kerr, and Benedict Cumberbatch all reportedly adopted some kind of the IF diet.

The diet consists of restricting the amount of your time during which you eat food. In other words, you undergo alternating cycles of fasting and eating. Unlike most other diets, it’s about limiting once you eat rather than what you eat.

Currently, IF is one of the foremost popular eating styles out there.

Various studies have shown that by adopting this eating pattern, you'd possibly experience benefits like:
  • weight loss
  • improved metabolic health
  • protection from disease
  • a longer lifetime

If you’re interested by trying this trending eating plan, you will be slightly worried about just how you’ll manage it.

It’s one thing to enter into a restrictive diet as a star with a personal nutritionist. It’s tons harder once you've got things like your job or your kids to juggle at the same time!

Read on to urge some practical tips and tricks that anyone can use to start out out eating on an IF schedule.

Getting Started
you recognize you'd wish to undertake IF, but maybe you aren’t sure where to start out out .

First things first: Do your research. As nutritionist Stephanie Rofkahr from Fit Four Five explains, IF are often dangerous for people with low blood sugar . Talk along side your doctor before you create any changes to your diet.

Next, decide which type of IF schedule you'd wish to undertake . There are six popular fasting patterns to choose from, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

According to Rofkahr, the foremost popular option is that the 16/8 method. during this pattern, you fast for 16 hours, then eat within an 8-hour period. Rofkahr tends to advise that people eat between noon and eight p.m.

Once you’ve done your research and selected the schedule that works best for you, you’re ready to go.

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