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Why Use a Sassy Chick Menstrual Cup

Why Use a Sassy Chick Menstrual Cup

Sassy Chick Menstrual Cup provides the best security and comfort while sleeping and even during long water-related sports activities, such as swimming, saunas, or public showers. It can be used continuously for 12 hours.


Anyway, what makes the cup so great?

It’s Safer for You. 

Sassy Chick Menstrual Cup are a bell-shaped, reusable cup produced using clinical evaluation silicone. Once embedded and fitted safely cups will gather feminine liquid for as long as 12 hours, as opposed to retain it as tampons and cushions do. By retaining liquid, tampons establish an ideal climate for microorganisms to flourish. This by itself makes cups one of the most secure feminine items out there. Also, you're saving your vagina cotton splashed with pesticides and harmful synthetic substances that are connected to malignant growth. Shared benefit for both you and Mama Earth, isn't that so?


It’s Better for the Environment.

Fun fact: Sassy Chick Menstrual Cup have been around since tampons and cushions, however the business decided to advance dispensable items rather because of the repetitive buy need, which means more money for the corporate elements in female cleanliness. It isn't sufficient that we are burdened on these items? Absurd.

While the price tag is commonly around $25-40, a cup can actually last 5-10 years with the legitimate consideration. So notwithstanding, you'll wind up saving thousands, as the normal lady utilizes around 11,000 tampons during her lifetime. That is a ton of tampons you don't need to purchase and a ton of superfluous waste you can eliminate. The maintainability factor alone was a tremendous justification me to do the switch for the last time.


It’s More Convenient.

Perhaps not from the outset, but rather once you ace it, Sassy Chick Menstrual Cup are WAY more advantageous I'm advising you. However long you're wearing the cup effectively, there ought to be zero issues with spillage. No seriously saying goodbye to another destroyed pair of underpants or feeling anxious about wearing light shaded bottoms during your period. Gone are the times of waiting be around a restroom at regular intervals to change my tampon or making sure to stash a crisis tampon in each pack I own. There's less to pack when I'm voyaging, and it is so agreeable I can't feel it when it's in.


It’s Empowering.

Sassy Chick Menstrual Cup force you to get more alright with your body. Our cycles speak with us. The blood, the issues, the emotional episodes, every last bit of it is vital for us to comprehend our bodies better. Since getting off of the pill, changing to a chemical free contraception technique (Daysy Fertility Tracker), and utilizing a feminine cup, I've found out such a huge amount about my body, and I can't help thinking about why they don't show us these things in school, so we can settle on more engaged choices instead of depending on engineered chemicals to oversee sporadic periods and forestall pregnancy. I could go on, however I'll maintain the emphasis on the cups for the time being.



How about we get into it. Here's the low down of really utilizing a feminine cup.


How to Insert It
If I’m being honest, using a cup is really challenging in the beginning. You might spill blood all over yourself. You might accidentally drop it in the toilet. You might pinch your vagina with your fingernails (cut your nails, please ha). So yeah, you won’t be a pro at this right away. It can take a few cycles to really get it down, so don’t get frustrated. Once you get past the awkward stage and figure it out, it's actually EPIC.

  • To insert the cup, first, fold it in half so it creates a taco shape in your fingers.

  • Once it’s inserted, let the cup unfold and expand. Spilling and leaks happen when it isn’t open all the way so you’ll want to make sure it’s up far enough and secure.  

  • To check this, run your index finger alongside the rim to check if it’s fully round and not dented in anywhere (if you can feel dents or wrinkles in the rim of the cup,  you’ll experience leakage).

  • After it’s in place, pull down at the base slightly to make sure that it is sealed and to create a slight suction.

  • If it won’t open all the way it could be one of 2 things:

    • The cup is too large for your cervix, so you need a smaller size.

    • It’s not up there far enough.

  • Most good menstrual cup brands offer a couple different sizes. 


How to Remove It
Don’t worry your menstrual cup won’t ever get lost inside you.

  • To get it out, contract your abdominal muscles as if you’re going to push out a baby (lol). This will push the cup further down so you can grab onto it with your middle finger and thumb.

  • While it may be your first instinct, don’t try to pull it down with the tab. Because of the suction that’s created, pulling on it won’t actually help remove the cup.

  • Instead, when it’s low enough, grab the bottom of the actual cup, squeeze it, and wiggle it from side to side so the suction releases.

  • If the suction is not released and you try pulling down, it will not feel pleasant.

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