Sassy Chick Yoni Oil

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Sassy Chick Yoni Oil is made to help maintain and balance a healthy PH, increase sexual desire, helps with vaginal dryness, and has antifungal/antibacterial properties. This product is made with an all-natural oil

100% herbal oil with a unique formula.

Mainly Functions

- Sex lubricant during intercourse, increase sexual pleasure
- Vaginal tightening
- Strengthen vaginal tissues and Moisturize
- Soothe irritation and Rejuvenation
- Anti-bacterial & Anti-inflammatory
- Remove odor
- Smell Fresh & Beautiful


Take 1-2 drops and gently apply it to the vulva or yoni, or use it directly on the panty liner. Or take 1-2 drops and dilute with warm water, then bath

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SassyChick 100% Natural Feminine Wash 

Intense physical activities such as sports and warm climates can cause profuse perspiration, especially in your intimate area making you feel uncomfortable. Experience nature's gentle protection for daily cleansing. It helps soothe and prevent itching and protect your intimate area from unpleasant odor and infection caused by bacteria and fungi. With its organic formula, experience the gentle and safe care without the irritation associated with harsh chemicals. Celebrate intimate confidence with SassyChick Natural Feminine Wash

Nature's Freshness 

Stay fresh and confident with nature's gentle touch for intimate care without any harmful chemicals that cause irritation. For an all-day feeling of care and confidence especially designed to cleanse your intimate area